Simple things every newbie London escorts need to know

Are you a new girl in the London escorts business? Do you still have a hard time knowing how the business really works in London?

New London escorts are not always expected to be familiar with everything and anything there is about the London escorts entertainment industry. On the other hand, at  there are particular guidelines and ideas that fresh escorts in London must know and master prior to meeting up her first client. In the world of London escorts, there are no right and wrong ways, but there are several guidelines that should be applied to almost every circumstance she finds herself in.

Although a new starter you will know about things by trial and error processes, there are guidelines that she should be learning the simple way.

• As standard, London escorts should know how to provide well-mannered oral sex.

Although there are a few companions who would not even ask for oral sex, there are really those who will logically expect their escorts to give them one. As you are preparing yourself to give him an oral sex, you can tease him through kissing around his stomach first, licking his inner thighs, and little by little work your way through his penis. While this can certainly give a euphoric feeling to the customer, London escorts should remember to use their hands when giving an oral sex. Make sure that you will be mixing a hand and mouth coordination when it comes to oral sex.

• First time escorts in London should remember to constantly get their payment upfront.

The majority of guys are straight and honest, especially with the purposes of paying escorts. On the other hand, there are still other people who try to deceive escorts in the London industry who does not insist on getting the payment first before the encounter starts. Excuses such as they have to go to the ATM, will pay the next time they see each other or wallets are in their cars are always heard from men who don’t pay upfront and probably won’t pay at all. In order to protect your financial interests, you should be able to demand payment before spending your time with him.

• London escorts should never provide free services. try :

Several customers in London will draw out correspondences with escorts, asking for photos, calling for small chit chats and getting off on the attention. Even though clients need a little of their attention before making that first appointment, providing too much attention away for free implies cheating your own escorting business. If a customer starts to show that he is needy, you should cut him off and let him know that you will be seeing him during the booked appointment in a nice and simple way.

Moreover, do not give him a free service and do not promise him anything for free.

• London escorts should always have a condom prepared in your bag.

Despite of how much your companion asks or requests for an evening of incredible sex, it may turn out to be more about them. However, once a customer calls his escorts for an encounter, he is actually looking for someone to make his night about him. As a London escort, you can coddle your client and fulfil his sexual demands. “Making our customers feel like he is a “king” during the encounter is one of the secrets to our success” – say the escorts at London’s top escorts agency.